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Mass Communication College is a premier educational institute in Delhi offering Mass Communication certificate courses. The institute’s objective is to bring together academicians and practitioners to students that will offer them the right medium where they stand to work with dedication towards achieving a common goal i.e. development of Journalism and its relevance in the present time and contributing to the well-being of the society.


At, we promote ideas that can have positive impact on the society and to do so, we have integrated ethical journalistic principles that will help to create professionals who know the right from wrong.
Unprecedented opportunity in the field of journalism has opened new avenues. This is indeed pivotal for those who want to contribute to the society by bringing and showcasing the positive news. Our course material is customized to include all the recent emerging trends. In fact, the course is updated on a regular basis to keep-up with the changing times. The course is just a platform and it is the students alone who can utilize the course to become a professional journalist of repute.


The certificate course in Mass Communication and the certificate course in Journalism aims at molding the student for a career in Journalism and Mass Communication. Apart from being lucrative, these courses provide a rare opportunity to interact with people who matter the most. The courses in fact covers various aspects of the profession and introduces the students with theoretical knowledge, apart from experiencing the practical aspect of the job. The course is detailed and offers rare insights in to what the job of a journalist is meant to be. We help the students balance their academic aspirations to address their stress, which enables them to complete the curse without having to face too many hurdles. The idea is to illuminate the minds and with our support, the students can curve out of a career of their choice.
It is noteworthy that the faculty team is well-experienced and some of them are well-known in their profession.
Keeping this in mind, the Mass Communication College has designed the curriculum to prepare students to get the best out of these course by engaging their minds with liberal thoughts.
This will then give them a better perspective to face challenges of the present day media.

Professional Courses offered at Mass Communication College
with Part-Time & Weekend Classes

Acting & Modelling for Films & TV (Camera Facing)

Radio Jockeying, Anchoring & TV Newsreading

Mass Communication & Journalism (with focus on Radio & TV Journalism, Broadcast Journalism: 6 Months)

Advertising & Public Relations (6 months)

Video Editing for Films & TV (Non-Linear Editing with Motion Graphics & Visual Effects)


Filmmaking, Direction & TV Production

Scriptwriting & Screenplay

Sound Recording & Music Production

Digital Media Communications, Marketing & Entrepreneurship

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